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Headquartered in Victoria, BC, we are a strategic management consulting services firm. 

We  believe in the power of collaboration and through the sharing of ideas, we work with you to co-create solutions that add value.

Working Together
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Not every business has the same problem and not every framework can be applied to every business. 

A common issue businesses make is jumping to solutions too quickly without properly identifying the real problem. When this occurs, at best, the solution is a band-aid because some short-term benefits are reaped; and at worst, the problem is magnified and remains unresolved.

At Covalence, we understand that your business is unique and we know that you may not have the time or tools to assess the problem to identify what the proper solution could be. We also know you don’t want people in suits coming into your business and telling you what to do without really caring or understanding what or why. 

This is where Covalence differs. We are an organization that believes in the triple bottom line and have an unwavering mission to help businesses do better. Our values are deeply rooted in authenticity and empowerment. Our philosophy is to always “take care of each other’s best interest” - which is something we hold true internally and extend to our clients as well.  By only working with clients that share the same values as ours, we are able to buy into our client’s vision and make their vision our new mission for success. It is through this dedication and passion, that sets us apart from just any consulting firm.

We strive to work with you for mutual success in accomplishing our mission for a better world. 

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